Jess Perkins

I started building guitars in 2016 and fell in love with the craft as soon as I picked my first set of back and side wood.


Coming from a singer/songwriter background the acoustic guitar was always my instrument of choice, and building my own guitars ignited a fire I wanted to pursue. Luthiery to me is a beautiful way to combine the art forms of music and woodworking.

I've spent the last few years developing my knowledge and passion for luthiery. Taking a couple of courses has helped me develop different skills and realize the subjectivity to some techniques and the science behind others.  I took Sergei de Jonge's course and stayed on for a short apprenticeship afterwards, as well as the Dragonfly Guitar Course. I also have apprenticed with Zach Lefebvre of Treehouse Guitars, and spent some time working in Montreal at the Mile End Guitar Co-op.

To me guitar bulding is a life-long learning